Denture Comparison

Temporary Denture Basic Denture Premium Denture
Price $350/Denture $450/Denture $550/Denture
Teeth NSP Brand Kulzer Basic Mondial Premium
Expected Tooth Life 1-3 years 5-8 Years 8-12 Years
Acrylic Base Diamond D Self Cure Diamond D Heat Cure Layered Diamond D Heat Cure
# of visits 2 Vists. 1st visit impressions, 2nd visit denture is placed 3 visits. 1st visit impressions. 2nd visit wax tryin.
3rd Visit denture is placed
Minimum 4 visits. 1st visit impressions. 2nd visit wax tryin 1. 3rd visit Wax try in 2. 4th Visit denture is placed
How Fast Can I Get It Same Day Same Day 2 Weeks
Overall This denture is made to last a short amount of time while a patient heals from having teeth pulled. The tooth life span is short and the denture is not tried in because teeth are in the way. Our most popular denture. This is a good denture at a good price. The base is very strong, and the teeth are a better midrange teeth. The big advantage is that we can process this in one day. This is an fantastic denture. The price is unbeatable for a premium denture. The acrylic is the strongest on the market and the teeth are one of the most popular premium brands available. Big Advantage is that we try it in until you are satisfied