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6 thoughts on “Denture Matierials

  • Ivy

    Permanent dentures? I didn’t know there was such a thing. I have dentures now and I’m very unhappy with the fit. I have two implants for the lowers and most of the time I can pop them out with my tongue. To keep the uppers in place I have to use stick ’em. That works for a while and then the uppers are all over the place. I would like more information.
    Thank you,

    • Smilehelper

      Hello. YES, we can do permanent dentures. I would recommend coming in and doing a FREE consultation with Dr. Hanson to review all options and suggestions that would be best for you. Please contact us 970-208-8046

  • Monica

    Please tell me more about permanent dentures. Materials, process, how long they last, quality, cost, etc – most of all, does select med/health cover this procedure and if so, how much. Please and Thank You.

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      Our Dentures are made out of premium materials. The denture base is made with Acrylic. The teeth are . Both are premium products and should last for 12-15 years depending on how you care for them. If you can send us some more information on your health plan we can check into insurance questions for you. Will will need at the very least your insurance plan number or group number. Sometimes more information is required but if you can get us that we can try and find out more for you.