Parkway Dental Fees 144

Parkway Dental Fees

How often can you find dental fees online?   We are proud to list our prices online.  Below you will find dental fees for many services.

*Healing and final complete denture included in price. Other providers may provide a low priced healing/immediate denture and then have you pay for a more expensive complete denture or a reline later. Our price includes the TOTAL cost of an immediate denture and includes adjustments, temporary relines and office visits.

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144 thoughts on “Parkway Dental Fees

  • Christine

    I need to come in for consultation for dentures. What appointments do you have available on Mondays and what is the cost.

  • Mary Lou Koenig

    I’m in need of a lower denture and have 7 teeth that need to be extracted. Is the cost that I see before or after insurance. I have Delta Dental PPO. Do you accept that insurance? I’d appreciate a response. Thank you

    • Smilehelper

      Good morning Mary Lou.
      Yes, we accept Delta Dental insurance. Price for denture is $650.00 per denture. That includes the temporary denture that you wear for 6 months while healing and then your final complete denture. Extractions are $90-175 pr extraction. Give us a call for a FREE consultation, we would love to help you!!