Parkway Dental Fees 144

Parkway Dental Fees

How often can you find dental fees online?   We are proud to list our prices online.  Below you will find dental fees for many services.

*Healing and final complete denture included in price. Other providers may provide a low priced healing/immediate denture and then have you pay for a more expensive complete denture or a reline later. Our price includes the TOTAL cost of an immediate denture and includes adjustments, temporary relines and office visits.

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144 thoughts on “Parkway Dental Fees

    • Smilehelper

      It depends on your plan and coverage. Most of the time insurance covers 80%. Extractions here start at $90. If you would like to schedule a free consultation please contact us 970-208-8046

  • Victoria White Eagle

    Lost my dentist In MOAB, Utah and my crown just came off.
    My husband and I need a new dentist.

  • Roger W Hill

    I had an implant and partial(LOWER) with Parkway a couple years ago and it’s worked out great. I was wondering what the cost of extracting eight (8) remaining upper teeth and going with an full upper denture (no implants)? Some of those to be extracted are capped. I’m the brother of Lester Hill, one of your clients, and would be traveling from Denver to have this done. Also, can you tell me what part Delta Dental would pay.

    • Smilehelper

      We accept and bill to all insurance. We are out of network with Guardian. Sometimes depending on the plan it does not matter. I would call them just to verify