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Dr. Brian Hanson D.D.S. (970) 208-8046 Grand Junction, Colorado
Dr. Brian Hanson D.D.S. (970) 208-8046 Grand Junction, Colorado

Dental Implants


Affordable Dental Implants

Dental implants are widely used as an attractive and permanent way to replace missing teeth. This type of dental prosthesis allows the same range of movement as normal teeth while retaining a natural look and feel.  A dental crown is computer generated to resemble the patient’s natural tooth structure, and cutting-edge components are used to ensure the prosthesis is naturally integrated.

Our Affordable Dental Implants Services in Colorado

Our team of experts in  Grand Junction,CO provide three types of dental implant-single tooth implants, denture implants (to hold a denture in place) and fixed bridge implants.

Standard Dental Implants AKA one piece implant ($1500 per tooth)

This procedure is for teeth towards the back of a patients mouth.  The area where the implant will be placed needs to be healed and ready for the implant.  On the first visit, the dental implant is securely placed in the area where the original tooth is missing. A temporary dental crown or partial is used until the implant fully integrates itself into the jawbone. After 4 to 6 months, the patient returns for a second visit to have a permanent crown installed. This is a great option for teeth towards the back of your mouth that are already missing.

Immediate Implant and Crown aka 2 piece implant ($1500 – per tooth)

We provide the convenience of same-day extraction and installation for patients in Utah or Colorado who need a quick, safe option for dental implants. Immediate installation of a dental implant requires extraction of the original tooth, which is performed during the first visit. After the extraction, the implant is securely placed and the bone is grafted into the socket to encourage a healthy and solid bond. During the second visit, an impression of the mouth is sent to the lab. On the final visit, a permanent crown is installed to complete the implant.

The pricing above does not includes x-ray, extraction, bone graft, and flipper if desired. This is very affordable option for tooth replacement. When you compare the cost of this service with other offices make sure they are including all the services we have listed or you may be looking at hidden costs.

Denture Implants ($1200 per arch)

Patients considering dentures often look to denture implants to solve many of the problems inherent to normal dentures. With implants, patients don’t have to deal with denture creams, worry about their dentures falling out, or struggle with the discomfort of a loose fit. Denture implants use a miniature titanium implant system that ensures comfort and durability. The dental denture is not permanently attached and can be removed by the patient. If considering this option, you should have implants placed before having a new denture made. Often times a new denture will need to be made to fit the implants.

Fixed Denture Implants ($9,000)

Fixed denture implants are a great way to replace a full arch of missing teeth. The prosthetic denture is held permanently in place and can only be removed by a dentist. The price above includes all costs except the cost of the extractions. Included are a temporary denture, perm denture, implants, implant abutments, and bone grafting.

Benefits of Dental Implants over Dentures

1. Aesthetically, (Because, let’s be honest, that’s very important to all of us!) it is almost impossible to differentiate between a dental tooth implant and the rest of your real teeth.

2. The actually dental implant procedure is virtually painless, and has a 75% success rate that heightens the more conscious you are about taking care of your teeth.

3. Since the implant is rooted into your mouth, you don’t have to be concerned any longer about loose-fitting, uncomfortable dentures.

4. Dental implants can be grouped together. Meaning you can have multiple teeth implanted together at one time.

5. With a tooth implants, you can eat, laugh, speak, and smile normally and pain free.

What can Smile Helper’s Dentists do for you?

Dr. Hanson provides three types of dental implants: single tooth implants, denture implants (to hold a denture in place) and fixed bridge implants.

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