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Quality Low Priced Dentures and Partials in Grand Junction Colorado

Modern dental dentures and partials are advanced appliances that come in a range of options to suit a wide variety of needs. We are proud to be onE of the few offices in  Colorado  that offers same-day  dentures and partials with unbeatable quality and an amazing price.

Our patients travel from all over the United States to have their dentures custom-made by our skilled and knowledgeable staff in  Colorado. If you have any questions regarding our materials, processes, or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact us via phone or email.

All of our offerings are crafted from the finest materials by technicians Clemont & Leisha, who boast over 13  years of experience and  crafted thousands of dentures and crowns.

Immediate Denture Package  ( Includes 2 dentures!!)

Basic Package $650/arch (Price includes temporary denture and Basic Complete Denture)

Premium Package $750/arch  (Price includes temporary denture and Premium Complete Denture)

Our Immediate Denture Package is for patients who need teeth removed and would like dentures “immediately” placed after extractions. Our immediate solution is the best in dentistry. For an affordable price we make you 2 dentures.

The first denture (temporary denture) is made to replace your natural teeth. Because there are cosmetic limitations when immediate dentures are made they never look as good as a complete denture. After you heal for 6 months we then make you a new permanent denture that will look and feel better than the temporary denture.  Compare our dentures to find out which one is right for you.

Basic Complete Dentures ($450 per plate)

Basic Complete dentures are an option for patients who have had their teeth removed for at least one month. Our patients arrive in the morning to receive a consultation and take impressions, and return several hours later for a wax try-in of their custom-made appliance. The completed denture is then delivered to them that evening.  If one day is too much we can spread the appointments out over several weeks.  Not sure if you want Basic Or Premium, click here to compare.

Premium Complete Dentures ($550 per plate)

Our Premium Denture is made with Premium denture teeth and layered acrylic for the ultimate natural appearance.  This denture requires a little more work on our part to make sure we get it just right.  Like all other dentures your first visit will consist of taking impressions.  At your 2nd visit we will do the first wax try-in and take a few key measurements that will help us get it right.  Your next visit will be to make sure we get the teeth just right.  We will do as many try ins as needed and will not make your denture until you give the go ahead that it meets your satisfaction.  Due to the time involved and number of visits we do not process these dentures in one day.

Partial Dentures in Colorado

Partial Dentures are best suited for those who still have some healthy teeth. Partial dentures are often times held together by a bar and latch onto adjacent healthy teeth. The supporting teeth help anchor the partial and keep it from moving as much as a full denture moves. Parkway Dental offers 3 types of Partials: Valplast (flexible) Partials, Acrylic,  and Cast Metal Partials.

Valplast (flexible) Partials ($475 per plate)

Our Valplast denture partials are a strong, flexible, and removable denture option for patients who want to correct gaps without major restorative work. They are naturally comfortable, and can accommodate a variety of natural conditions in the mouth. These are a perfect solution for patients missing one tooth because the denture partial can be made smaller than other partial options.

Cast Metal Partials ($575 per plate)

Cast metal denture partials are a more complex, stable, and rigid option for patients seeking additional durability without sacrificing flexibility and comfort. Our lab is unable to process a cast metal partial in one day; patients will need to return at a later date to have them fitted.

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179 thoughts on “Quality Dentures for Every Budget

  • Judy

    Just need a new set of dentures.. I have these for about 15-20 yrs.. My bottom are getting very loose. Approximately how much for a new set?

    • Smilehelper

      Good afternoon Judy.

      Our basic denture is $450.00 and our complete denture is $550.00 the basic denture can be completed in 1 day. Please contact us so we can review both dentures more in depth, and to schedule an appointment 970-208-8046.
      We look forward to hearing from you.