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Sometimes teeth need to be removed—maybe it’s beyond saving, trauma occurred or a patient is prepping for a device such as dentures or a bridge. No matter why an extraction is needed, this is a relatively painless process. First, the dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding area via a topical treatment followed by an injection of local anesthetic. This ensures there will be no pain during the procedure, only pressure, even though the patient remains alert.

A tooth is rooted in a socket (made of the alveolar bone) and secured with a ligament. An extraction requires the dentist to widen the socket while un-linking the tooth from the ligament. Surprisingly, the inside of the jaw bone is pretty soft and spongy, making teeth easy to extract once the socket is rocked wider.

Tools of the Trade

Dr. Hanson may use a number of instruments for a tooth extraction, from extraction forceps to elevators. Elevators are put between the tooth and nearby bone like a wedge. Sometimes an elevator alone is enough, while other times the extraction forceps are necessary to pluck the tooth out.

Today’s anesthesia works phenomenally well, and patients should feel no pain at all. However, there may be some distressing noises during the extraction. Removing teeth is a loud process, and the sounds are exacerbated in the patient’s head, so anything from “breaking” sounds to grinding might be noticed—this is all normal and not a sign that something’s wrong.

Worst Case Scenarios

Not all extractions go flawlessly. Sometimes tooth roots can break, which can sound terrible but is actually fairly common. This simply means that a root has broken off and wasn’t removed along with the tooth. The dentist might require extra time to remove it, but it’s not harmful or painful.

Closing Up Shop

After an extraction, there are various methods which may be used to close the site. But first, the dentist may need to remove any infected tissue. Simple finger pressure might be enough to close the socket, and bones might need to be rounded off during this process.

In some cases—only with surgical extractions—stitches might be in order. Otherwise, pressure with gauze and some over the counter painkillers, if necessary, are all that’s required.

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7 thoughts on “Tooth Extraction

  • lee

    I’m seriously looking for dentures, top and bottom. I will need about 20 extractions and like the idea of fitting right after extractions then a permanent fitting later. I live in Palisade and will be paying out of pocket so am concerned about the price of extractions. Thanks Lee

  • shaun

    I live in Salina ut and am needing dentures and teeth pulled for them I have bcbs insurance. How much would I be looking at to get them pulled and upper and lower dentures and time frame

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      Extractions are $90 per tooth and it is $650 per denture. That $650 covers a temporary denture and a new denture after your mouth is healed. You will probably max out your insurance on this much work so your dental plan will probably cover $1000 to $1500 of the bill depending on the type of coverage you have.

  • Jennifer

    Hi. I’m so terrified .. I need help. My life has been severely compromised. I dont go out in public anymore unless its to the store. I even avoid family, I’m truly MORTIFIED for anyone to see me like this. So I hide.So much pain. Continuous abscess cycles. Life has no meaning for me anymore. All my upper teeth have rotted to the stumps. Now they are rotting the lowers. Very, very difficult and embarrassing to even eat. This is difficult for me to send but I’m reaching out. I need support to push me through I’ve managed to isolate myself to the point where I’m on my own. I just need a push! Thank you for listening, I’m never able to talk about this, such a nightmare


    • The Lab Guy Post author

      You need to come in and see us. There are a lot of people that experience the same feelings and fear you do. Come in for a consultation and lets see if we can get you to a better place.