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1300 N 7th St

Grand Junction, Colorado 81501

Thank you for visiting Parkway Dental in Grand Junction, Colorado the office of Dr. Brian Hanson D.D.S.

Patients travel from all over Utah and Colorado to take advantage of our affordable dentures and affordable crowns. Our complete dentures are $425 per denture and our crowns are priced at $525 per crown. Take a look around and compare our prices. We don’t think you can find a more affordable solution for your dental needs.

The first question patients ask is how can you offer such low prices? Our office has worked very hard to streamline our procedures and we work very closely with our lab to ensure the lab and doctor are on the same page when providing treatment. Our special relationship allows us to have a lab tech at our office and be able to work hands on with the doctor on many difficult cases. The right hand always knows what the left is doing. It is invaluable tool that allows us to provide affordable dentistry. Many people think there must be some hidden cost, or foreign made lab work. Our goal in discussing treatment with patients is to be completely open and honest and we will stand by our treatment plans. All our lab work is made in the United States. Give our office a call and come in for a visit, your pocket book will be glad you did.

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75 thoughts on “Parkway Dental in Grand Junction

  • Ken Martinez

    I need to know if Parkway in Midvale has closed they charged me for services and never finished who can I get my dental work fixed

  • Mark A.

    Thank you Dr. Hanson and your amazing staff for all the great work you did in my mouth. My new front bridge looks and feels better than the original. My mouth is now pain free.
    Best of all my Diastima is back. Thank you! LUV IT!
    I am looking forward to finishing my treatments (2 crown implants) this spring.
    Your staff are very friendly, helpful and know their stuff.
    Everyone works together for the benefit of your patients because they are happy, well trained professionals who actually care about the patients.
    Thanks to everyone who helped give me my old smile back. Priceless!

    • Smilehelper

      Mark, THANK YOU very much for the kind words. We are so happy to hear that everything has been such a great experience for you, not to mention how ecstatic we are that you have your smile back. That’s why we all love what we do!!!! We look forward to working with you again!!

  • Kirby

    I am in need of an extraction and implant to replace one of my upper front teeth. My dentist says that the extraction and appliance can be done in one visit due to great bone health. I would need a “flipper” to wear during healing. What would the estimate be and do you accept MetLife dental?

    • Smilehelper

      Good morning Kirby.
      Extractions start at $99, Implant $975, and the partial to wear during healing is about $200.00 YES, we will bill to Metlife insurance.
      Dr. Hanson does FREE consultations. I’m aware you were already seen by a Dr but we still need to do the consultation here in our office. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. 970-208-8046