Before and After Denture Pictures 2

A patient from last week has given us permission to use these pictures.  We have cropped out as much identifying information as possible.  This is a set of before and after denture pictures from Dr. Hanson at Parkway Dental in Grand Junction Colorado.  The patient is numb in both pictures so we have a funny smile, but you can see the cosmetic effect is life changing.

Before Dentures Oct 2013 Dr. Hanson

Before Dentures Oct 2013 Dr. Hanson




Before teeth were removed




After dentures are placed picture

After dentures are placed




After teeth were removed and denture seated,  patient is still numb.

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2 thoughts on “Before and After Denture Pictures

  • Gwen

    We have an adult daughter with very bad teeth, missing and rotting teeth. She does not have dental insurance so we would like to help her get this problem taken care of with dentures hoping that she will be healthier without all the bad teeth feeding poison into her system. She is very intolerant of pain and would probably need to be completely out. Do you have payment options or must payment be made at time of extraction of remaining teeth? Is there a reduction on price if paid in cash at time of appointment? Can she come in for a discussion on her options before work started same day?Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. She would want to come to the Salt Lake Office. Can she talk to former patients?

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      The best thing to do in this case is to schedule a consultation. We do not charge for them and then we can see what is needed and give you a good idea of what it will cost. We do not give a cash discount, most of our patients are cash patients. As for same day, we currently do not do same day dentures in the Salt Lake office. We could see her for a consultation and start the dentures that day then in a couple weeks she would return for extractions and denture placement. We can’t give out patient information on current and former patients. If you are worried about us come in for a visit, see how we operate I think you will be very comfortable with Dr. Johnson and the staff in Salt Lake.