Parkway Dental Fees 144

Parkway Dental Fees

How often can you find dental fees online?   We are proud to list our prices online.  Below you will find dental fees for many services.

*Healing and final complete denture included in price. Other providers may provide a low priced healing/immediate denture and then have you pay for a more expensive complete denture or a reline later. Our price includes the TOTAL cost of an immediate denture and includes adjustments, temporary relines and office visits.

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144 thoughts on “Parkway Dental Fees

  • Nancy

    Does Dr. Hanson perform sinus lift surgery? I need this prior to implant placement. I am thrilled to find a dentist that performs quality work that is affordable, and would like to have all my implant-related work done here if possible. Thank you! Nancy

    • Smilehelper

      Good morning Nancy.
      Implants are $1200.00 that does not include the denture. We can evaluate your current denture to see if we can use it or if not a new denture will be $625.00
      Dr Hanson offers free consultations. We would need to schedule that first. At that time Dr Hanson will review all treatment with you and what to expect to pay out of pocket.
      Please contact us 970-208-8046

  • Smilehelper

    Good morning Brandon. Extraction for wisdom teeth would be around $175 per tooth. Dr Hanson would need to see you for a FREE consultation first to evaluate your wisdom teeth. We are out of the office for Thanksgiving break until Monday November 26. Please contact us then to schedule an appointment 970-208-8046

  • Hjordis(Jorde) Neumiller

    My name is Jorde Neumiller and I would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation . Interested in the removable implant dentures. Thank you!

    • Smilehelper

      Great Jorde. We are closed for Thanksgiving week until Monday November 26. Please contact us then and we would be happy to schedule you an appointment. 970-208-8046

      Happy Thanksgiving